Important:  New Amazon Policy concerning UPC Codes.


I was just made aware of this myself. 
I called Amazon support on September 19th, 2016 to find out about their new UPC policy.  Here is the email I received from Amazon:

Dear Daniel,

This is Emmanuel and it was my pleasure to assist you today.

Regarding your concern on UPC's, as I mentioned during our conversation we recommend getting them from GS1 for security purposes. This has been implemented in order to avoid problems with re-cycled codes. However, you can still get them from different provides or keep selling yours.

For more information on product identifiers and how to obtain products codes please follow the link below:

You can also check the discussion in our forums:

I hope this helps! Please let me know how do you feel about the service I provided by answering the survey you will find below.

Thank you for contacting Seller Support. Have a wonderful day!

Please let us know how we did.

Were you satisfied with the support provided?

I have not had any customer complaints about this and so far, as of 02-01-17, there have been no problems using our UPC barcodes on Amazon--to my knowledge.
Daniel Kamen

Note to future customers.  You may want to contact Amazon yourself before you buy from us.  Feel free to show them my site and my response to the question above.
Update: I checked Gs1's database for our prefix (609408) under "Vetrolaser" and it appeared in Gs1's database.
Here is where I checked:

Barcodes For Amazon And Most Other Retailers.

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Most retailers also accept our UPC barcodes. There are just a few retailers I know of that will not accept barcodes from resellers; Macy's, Krogers, Wal-Mart and Sam's Club. For those retailers you would have to get your barcodes from GS1. We also sell EAN barcodes.

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Important Ordering Information: One of the Checkout options is Paypal, which also gives you the option to pay with a credit card if you don't have a Paypal account.  In the PayPal option you'll see where it says Place Order and the credit card logos.   Some customers mistakenly choose the echeck option which takes several days to clear. When you get your credit card statement for your barcode order, it will say Vetrolaser LLC.

Here is a link to an excellent software company with great information about printing barcodes.

Be Wary Of Resellers Who Sell UPC Barcodes For Ridiculously Low Prices (Below $4.00).  Some May Not Even Legally Own The Barcodes They're Trying To Sell. If You Buy From Them, Then What?


We Own Our Barcodes.


 For more information about myself and barcodes, click "About Us" at the bottom of the page.

Daniel Kamen.  Buffalo Grove, IL



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